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What Is Safe Haven Baby Box?

The Safe Haven Baby Box provides a place for a Mom in Crisis to safely, securely, and anonymously surrender her newborn. Once baby is placed inside the box the exterior door locks, a silent alarm rings into 911 and emergency personnel are dispatched. They then take the baby to the hospital to be evaluated and DCS is called for placement.


Since April of 2016 there have been 76 legal surrenders in Indiana, including 7 placed in Safe Haven Baby Boxes.

Where Can I Find A Safe Haven Baby Box?

There is an active Safe Haven Baby Box located at Connersville Fire Station #4- 124 South Fountain Street, near Eastview Elementary school. There are step by step directions available on our Contact page. 


The Hope Center is proud to have taken the lead on getting this box funded and active in Connersville. The Safe Haven Baby Box program is a great match with the Hope Center’s mission of providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support that empowers individuals and

families to make life affirming decisions.


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